New World; Martial Arts; Ages 4-5; 5 Mondays; Jan 25-Mar 15, 2010 (Off on Feb 8, 15, Mar 8); 12:00-12:30 pm
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20th Anniversary
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Kids will enjoy learning the FUNdamentals of Martial Arts, including stance, punches, kicks and blocks. We are going to introduce breaking boards (Kuyk-pa). These will be lightly padded, plastic re-breakable boards designed for Martial Arts Students. Kyuk-pa! (breaking) is necessary to improve the techniques of: accuracy, power, distance, finesse, self-confidence, concentration and conditioning. Depending on age and skill level, some board breaking strikes may include: palm hand strike, hammer fist, punch, jab and cross and kicks like the front snap kick, flying side kick and jump spinning hook kick. Students will warm-up and stretch at the beginning of each class and cool down at the end of class. Emphasis will be placed on safety, the use of their new skills for self-defense only and respect. The benefits of these classes will include learning discipline and focus as well as enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem. Coach Seth is a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Min/Max: 7/10 per class. (Note: Dates revised due to Field Trip on Aug 10)
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