Video Games that can be played with the Game Bikes
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Video Games Compatible with the Cateye Game Bike

Video Games Compatible with the Cateye Game Bike

Video Games Compatible with the Cateye Game Bike
All Star Racing 2 
Castrol Honda Superbike 
Championship Motocross 
Colin McRae Rally 
Crash Team Racing 
Demolition Derby RAW 
Driver 2 
Ducatti Racing World 

Dukes of Hazard Racing For Home 
Grand Tourismo 

Hydro Thunder 
James Bond Racing 
Jarret-Labonte Racing 
Jet Moto 2 
Jet Moto 3 
Lego Racers 
Looney Tunes Racing 
McGrath vs Pastrana 
Motocross Mania 
Moto Racer 2 
Moto Racer World Tour 
Muppet Racemania 
No Fear Downhill Racing 
Rollcage 2 
Sled Storm 
Smurf Racing 
Snow Cross Championship 
Speed Punks 
Supercross 2000 
Supercross Circuit 
Test Drive Offroad 2 
Test Drive Offroad 3 
TNN Hardcore 
Touring Car Challenge 
Vigilante 8 2sd Offense 
Walt Disney Racing Tour 
Wood Woodpecker Racing 
Road Rash 
Artic Thunder 
ATV Off Road Fury
Crazi Taxi 

Downhill Domination 
Driving Emotion Type 5 
Extreme G3 
Formula One 
Gadget Racers 
Grand Touriamo 3 
Motor Mayhem 
MX-2002 w/ Ricky Carmichael 
Nascar Heat 2002 
RC Revenge Pro 
Simpsons Road Rage 
Super Bombard Racing 
Test Drive Offroad Wide Open 
Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero 
Paris-Dakar Rally 
Rally Cross 2 
RC Revenge 
RC Revolt 
Ricky Carmichael 2000 Motocross 
Road Rash Jailbrak 
Rumble Racing 
Smuggler's Run 
4 X 4 EVO 
18 Wheeler Pro Trucker Racing 



Plus most Video Racing Games that can be played with the X-Box, Game Cube and your Home Computer