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April 7, 2018
Great pictures,  thanks for sharing!! 
Christian and Kennedy had a blast and we'll definitely be signing them up for a few weeks in the summer time

Jonathan, WISH Community School Parent
(Response to our Email with a copy of our 5 Star Enrichment Camp at the Beach, Week 1-Slideshow with Videos)
March 13, 2018
Evelyn really enjoyed yesterday's new class "Yoga & Spanish." Love that you're offering Spanish-language related programming now.
Malina R

October 26, 2017
As a WISH educator, I can't say enough about 5-STAR enrichment classes offered after school at WISH elementary.  My 1st grader loves them.  My son looks forward to all of them, but currently chess class is his ultimate favorite.  The instructor breaks apart the game into comprehensible moves that my son is really understanding the game and has fallen in love with it.  The other day my son had the choice between picking out a new toy at the store, or a chess set and he picked the chess set without hesitation.  The other class my son really loves is the Tinkering class.  Just yesterday they created structures out of bamboo.  The hands-on creative activities has motivated my son into drawing up plans for new things he would like to build.  

Thank you Stu for offering such a variety of classes to WISH elementary.

Most Sincerely,

Zsuzsi S
WISH Middle School Art Teacher

April 16, 2017

Hi Coach Stu, I just wanted to say Bailey loved Spring (5 Star Sports) Camp with Coach Denny!! We'll definitely be sending him for the summer as well.

Joy P.

November 23, 2016

Just want to post a “shout out” here -

Yesterday my twins, Chase and Cameron (2nd grade) attended the newly formed 5 Star Sports & Enrichment Camp at the Dockweiler Youth Center. As soon I picked them up I heard “I want to go back tomorrow” and their friend “Is going to try to go this entire week”, (LOL - there is no camp the rest of the week!)

The Campers had such a great time with a variety of activities AND some time on the beach. This time of year there are sand berms built up which are so fun to play on!

I am definitely signing up my twins to come back for camp in December. The location is ideal, there was a variety of activities for everyone to enjoy as well as kind teachers. My only complaint? Sand on their feet, ha, ha : ) Seriously, it was perfect for our So Cal kids!

Happy Thanksgiving! 


My son took the 5 star sports camp 6/13-6/17 in Santa Monica.  He loved the camp - I would give the camp all 5 stars.  I think you did an amazing job teaching the kids how to play each sport and Alex loved it!
Nina (Summer 2016)

Hooray!!  My son who is now 7 years old LOVED his gymnastics class today at New World Montessori and was especially pleased that coach Holly remembered him from Basketball back when he was 4 years old! Thanks for answering my questions & for running such a great program.

Sincerely,  Allison
January 14, 2016

The following are some of the Parent responses from our Fall 2015 Survey at WISH Charter to the question:  

"What have you and/or your child liked the most about our Fall 2015 After-School Enrichment Classes?"

-Piano was great!

-She loves both of her classes, Art with Karen Sochar and Cheer. She enjoys learning and being with her friends.

-My daughter has loved the cheerleading class - she has learned a lot and the teachers have been great!

-I've liked the selection of classes - my son has really enjoyed tennis.

-My son loves his Lego Engineering class!

-She loooooooves Lego Engineering

-Lego Marty! My son absolutely loves Lego Engineering!! We are hoping that it will be offered again.

-My son loved Tennis and Legos.

-My daughter takes the Lego class and just loves it. She is so excited every Monday.

-Enjoyed seeing her excited about going to her class. Have also enjoyed the fruits of her labor.

-Affordable, convenient, fun.

-My son really enjoyed his flag football. The instructor was very kind and he had a lot of fun

-The kids always seem happy when I pick them up; they're eager to tell me what they've done.

-The variety of classes offered

-My son loves his Martial Arts Instructor

-My daughter LOVES the cheerleading class. She has been participating since kindergarten and wants to continue. I find it valuable for her because it provides good aerobic exercise, and helps her develop coordination and motor skills, as well as social skills. The teachers are wonderful. We look forward to the performance at every term.

-He is taking piano and loves it. I think it's because Earl is really great with the kids

-My daughter loves the Ceramics class and Art Edventures on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. It has been a really great compliment to what she is doing both in class and Rainbow.

Lila has LOVED the 5-star art class she has been in the last few sessions. The teacher is amazing! And she's taken a lot of art classes! The work they do in that class is really amazing. The kids do it all, she just gives them direction, and teaches them how to look at all of the various portions of an image.
Shari A.
Spring 2015

Thank you for bringing your Enrichment Classes to Bay Laurel ES.  My daughter really enjoyed them.
Jena D.
Spring 2015

My Child liked EVERYTHING about your Camp, especially Capture the Flag and Baseball/T-Ball.  As a Parent, I liked that you taught good sportsmanship and exposed her to various sports.   I wish that your Camp was more than 5 days long.  You guys are great!
Kristen E
Spring 2015 Camp, April 3, 2015 (From Satisfaction Survey)

My son loved your Camp very much.  As Parents, we liked that you were very organized.  You did a great job!
Barbara T
Spring 2015 Camp, April 3, 2015 (From Satisfaction Survey)

My daughter liked Tennis, Gymnastics and Martial Arts the most at your Camp.  What I liked most was that you were organized, she had fun and she was exposed to a variety of sports.
Wendy K
Spring 2015 Camp, April 3, 2015 (From Satisfaction Survey)

My son liked everything about your Camp.  I felt that he was safe and he had a great week.
Anna W.
Spring 2015 Camp, April 3, 2015 (From Satisfaction Survey)

I just have to say how great the 5 Star Sports & Enrichment's Ceramic class on Tuesday and the Art Class on Wednesday after school is. Karen is an A rated teacher with an extensive Art Background and I am really pleased with her patience and her attention to the kids in her class. My daughter Audrey is not only learning how to sculpt but she did a pastel drawing from a picture and she is only in kindergarten. There have been many articles about how art education with Stem will be the future as our kids will really need to think out of the box to compete with the rest of the world. If you are still looking for a class for your kid, please consider it as both of these classes are great art classes without art school prices (I know I have done both) and you don't have to drive anywhere.
Amy H

March 25, 2015

Rocco really enjoyed Camp; and so did his friend.  What a great program you've created.  Thanks!!
Rebecca (Roccos's Mom)
June 17, 2014

I would like to tell you how much Rylan enjoyed Coach Harold's (KinderSports) classes! I was at every class to watch my son. Coach Harold is not only knowledgeable but also so patient and fun for the children.
   I just wanted you to know how much of an asset Coach Harold is to your program.
Robin (Mom)
March 30, 2014
Coach Denny of 5 Star Sports and Stretch-n-Grow focuses on skills and strategy in his classes. Our friends whose children participate in leagues, such as AYSO, have said they prefer coach Denny because their kids "just run around" in the other leagues rather than developing skills.  Coach Denny is devoted to his kids and treats them like real athletes. I highly recommend the 5 Star Sports program.
Elise (Mom, whose Child participates in our Sports Classes in Santa Monica)
March 29, 2014

Hi Coach Stu! Hope all is well! All 3 of my Kids were thinking of you on our recent vacation when they had the chance to play tennis on clay courts (we were in Costa Rica)! The instructor was very impressed with all three of them and they told him that they used to take lessons from Coach Stu!  Anyway, we were wondering whether you are still teaching lessons at all and if so, where at? We are considering starting lessons again (time-permitting).  Please let me know . . . 
Email from Mom on August 10, 2013
My son, Henry has been enrolled in your Soccer and T-Ball classes at Marine Park since the Spring. I just want to let you know that he really loves it. And, more than that, he loves Coach Denny. He has learned so much and I feel very grateful to Coach Denny and to your program. It's apparent that he has exceptional repoire with kids and has the experience of a veteran teacher. We have signed up Henry for your Winter Sports Camp and we are looking forward to it! Thank you for all of your work and for offering such a fabulous program for little ones!! 
Melina (Henry's Mom) 
(Henry participated in our Sports Classes during the Spring, Summer and Fall 2010 Sessions) 

-Hi Stu, 
I hope you are doing well. I wanted to thank you for such great entertainment and activities for Evan's birthday party on Sunday. You have an incredible staff who, as a mom I appreciate, truly love being around the kids. Coach Denny and Coach Lisa did a superb job with the kids yesterday. All the kids had fun. They were great with the kids. Thanks again for everything and we will be back in your camp soon. Stay well, 
Evan's Mom 
(Mom of a 4 year old boy and 6 year old girl who also attended our 5 Star Sports Camp during Summer 2010 for 3 weeks) 

-Thank you and all the coaches for such a great summer. Patrick had a terrific time! 
Patrick's Mom 
(Patrick attended 8 weeks of our 5 Star Sports Camps during Summer 2010)


Hi Coach Stu, 

We loved your camp! We moved to Cincinnati in January, otherwise, we'd totally be signing up! Hope all is well! 

Missing you, Coach Denny and the crew 
Randi and Donnie 
(Donnie was enrolled in our 5 Star Sports Camps for 6 weeks during Summer 2010)

 -If your child enjoys sports and games, I highly recommend the 5 Star Sports birthday party. For my son's 6th Birthday, we arranged for a "Sports and Fun" party with Coach Denny and Coach Harold. My son was overjoyed to see them arrive -- he has taken four "Stretch and Grow" (Sports) classes with Denny and Harold in Santa Monica. Coach Denny stages a fun party with numerous games, including soccer,"Capture the Flag," and his "patented" sponge relay race! He varies the activities and the intensity level so that children don't get too tired too quickly, and he is especially good at involving children who are not sports-oriented. He has a great manner with children that puts them at ease and emphasizes fun, sportsmanship and good behavior. Parents of the children attending my son's party immediately recognized that their children were in good hands. My son is still talking about all the fun he had at his party."

 Peter V., father of 6-year-old boy 
March 2010 

-Our son, Alex is currently attending your Spring Break Stretch-n-Grow 5 Star Sports Camp and absolutely loves it!  I’ve never seen him move so fast in the morning to get out of the house). 
Maureen A 
Santa Monica 
Spring 2008 

-Our son, LJ, was enrolled in 5 Star Sports Camp this past spring.  The experience was wonderful for him. Coaches Stuart & Denny have been inspirational and we look for activities in which to enroll our son. These activities have been very educational and provide much needed physical activities for today's kids. 
Peter L. and Annmarie D. 
Santa Monica 
Spring 2008 

-I am very pleased to write this recommendation on behalf of Stuart Bramer and Stretch-n-Grow. Yerba Buena Elementary School began our relationship with Stretch-n-Grow in the Fall 2005. Over the past year, I have worked closely with him. He has creative ideas and is always willing to go the extra mile in order to make schedules work. He has provided us with quality instructors who work well with our students, big and small. Stretch-n-Grow has proven to be a very reliable and dependable vendor for our after-school programs. I look forward to working with them again in the coming years. 
Kathy F. 
PFA Chairman, After School Programs 
Yerba Buena Elementary School 
July 2006 

-I would like to take this time to express my appreciation for your dedication, enthusiasm, patience and expertise. You are an inspiration to the children whom you teach and mentor throughout the year. For me this is a special time to let you know how much I appreciate you, and I look forward to another successful year. 
Ebba V. , Supervisor 
Santa Monica 
December 2004 

-During my 46 years as Director of Health and Physical Education with the Jewish Community Centers of Greater Los Angeles, I have never met a finer person than Mr. Stu Bramer, whose organization, Stretch-n-Grow (and 5 Star Sports and Dance) have provided numerous valuable programs and services to the children of the West Valley. The Stretch-n-Grow organization have conducted some exceptional programs at the Center including Nursery School Fitness Classes, Multi-Sports Camps, Former Laker Girl Dance/Cheerleading Camps, Children's Tennis and other wonderful activities. Stu's Staff are carefully selected and trained and are among the very best that I have had the opportunity of observing and working with. It is a privilege for me to recommend Stu Bramer and the Stretch-n-Grow organization and I am confident that he will bring to you the same fantastic programs and services which we have enjoyed during the last two years. 
Eli S., Former Director of Health and P.E. 
November 2001 

-Gregg and Nichole gave a fabulous gymnastics class at my daughter's birthday party last week. I had heard positive things about the quality of the instruction from Christina at my child's preschool, but their peformance certainly exceeded my expectations. They kept 12 preschoolers interested, moving (and grooving) for more than an hour with a great mix of skill-building and plain-old fun activities. Gregg talked about the importance of empowering kids at this age and that is certainly what he does. He knows how to break down a seemingly difficult move into steps that are enticing and easy for a preschooler to understand. I think that all of our young guests finished the class with new skills that made them feel proud. 
Elizabeth C. 
Culver City