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in Santa Monica
(that includes some References from
our 5 Star Enrichment Camp at
the Dockweiler Youth Center)

20th Anniversary
The Premier Funtastic Fitness and Skill Development Program for Preschool Children. CLICK HERE or the Star above to learn more about our Fabulously Fun and  Educational  Programs.
10 Features that make our Camps Great

10 Features that make our Camps Great

Enriching the Lives of Children for over 20 years
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1.   The  Safety for your your Child is our highest priority. Staff are trained in our Safety Policies and Procedures and all decisions are made in the context of our Camper's Safety.  Your Child will always be with one of our Staff at all times, even when going to the bathroom (where our Staff wait right outside) or getting a drink of water, etc.
2.  A Great Staff of Experienced and Nurturing Instructors who teach our many Enrichment Classes during the School Year. All of our Staff are fingerprinted and cleared by the FBI, DOJ and the Child Abuse Index because they teach and/or work at  Schools during the School Year (and this is a California Title 22 Requirement).

3.  A great Camper to Instructor ratio (10 to 1 or less for ages 4s & 5s and 
12 to 1 for ages 6 to 10.
4.  Beautiful Indoor Facilities adjacent to a nice Beach
5.  CLEAN facilities including indoor Clean Bathrooms
     Campers will be indoors for about 50% of the time and outdoors for 
     about 50% of the time; so that means they won't be in the sun all day         long.  
6.  Wide range of FUN and Educational Activities.  You can view our                Sample Camp Schedule below. 
7.  We offer a wide range of Daily Activities including
          Sports that include Basketball, Baseball/T-Ball, Capture the Flag, 
          Safe Dodgeball, Flag Football, Soccer, Volleyball as well as other                Games and Activities on the Sand
         INDOOR ACTIVITIES can include:
      -Young  Engineers 
and Building Fun with Lego, Knex, etc.) and 
Games including Chess, Cards, Air Hockey,  
               Foozball, Video Games (only during supervised, unstructured  
              Free  and more
             -Dodgeball, GaGa and more

You can watch 3 Spring Camp Videos to give you a "flavor" for what we do in our Camps by CLICKING HERE.

8.  1-2 Periods during each Camp Day when Camper have Campers 
     Choice with Staff Supervision (either to "Chill"/Rest or Read or Play 
      or just socialize and develop friendships.
9.  Camp Fees are modest and among the lowest in the Playa Del Rey 

10.  EARLY BIRD SPECIAL/LOWER FEES:  Modest Camp Fees and BIG 
       DISCOUNTS below for enrolling early Summer:
  NOTE:  1.  Discounts will be applied BEFORE Credit Cards are 
                               charged based on the date(s) of enrollment. 
               2.  Credit Cards will be charged in early April for Spring 2019 Camps and by early June for Summer 2019 Camps.

ALL FAMILIES:   Enroll By April 15, 2019: 10% Discount 

       ADDITIONAL SIBLING DISCOUNTS:  We will also  Discount your Fees by 
        another 5% if you enroll 2 or more siblings in our Weekly Camps during the 
        same week(s).  If you Enroll 2 or more siblings in our Camp by March 15, 2019, then we will discount our fees by 15% BEFORE Credit Cards are charged.
We will be happy to Email a copy of this Daily Schedule to you upon request
Just Email CoachStu@att.net