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Camp Testimonials

Camp Testimonials

April 7, 2018
Great pictures,  thanks for sharing!! 
Christian and Kennedy had a blast and we'll definitely be signing them up for a few weeks in the summer time

Jonathan, WISH Community School Parent
(Response to our Email with a copy of our 5 Star Enrichment Camp at the Beach, Week 1-Slideshow with Videos)

October 26, 2017
As a WISH educator, I can't say enough about 5-STAR enrichment classes offered after school at WISH elementary.  My 1st grader loves them.  My son looks forward to all of them, but currently chess class is his ultimate favorite.  The instructor breaks apart the game into comprehensible moves that my son is really understanding the game and has fallen in love with it.  The other day my son had the choice between picking out a new toy at the store, or a chess set and he picked the chess set without hesitation.  The other class my son really loves is the Tinkering class.  Just yesterday they created structures out of bamboo.  The hands-on creative activities has motivated my son into drawing up plans for new things he would like to build.  

Thank you Stu for offering such a variety of classes to WISH elementary.

Most Sincerely,

Zsuzsi S
WISH Middle School Art Teacher

April 16, 2017

Hi Coach Stu, I just wanted to say Bailey loved Spring (5 Star Sports) Camp with Coach Denny!! We'll definitely be sending him for the summer as well.

Joy P.

November 23, 2016

Just want to post a “shout out” here -

Yesterday my twins, Chase and Cameron (2nd grade) attended the newly formed 5 Star Sports & Enrichment Camp at the Dockweiler Youth Center. As soon I picked them up I heard “I want to go back tomorrow” and their friend “Is going to try to go this entire week”, (LOL - there is no camp the rest of the week!)

The Campers had such a great time with a variety of activities AND some time on the beach. This time of year there are sand berms built up which are so fun to play on!

I am definitely signing up my twins to come back for camp in December. The location is ideal, there was a variety of activities for everyone to enjoy as well as kind teachers. My only complaint? Sand on their feet, ha, ha : ) Seriously, it was perfect for our So Cal kids!

Happy Thanksgiving! 


My son took the 5 Star Sports Camp 6/13-6/17 in Santa Monica.  He loved the camp - I would give the camp all 5 stars.  I think you did an amazing job teaching the kids how to play each sport and Alex loved it!
Nina (Summer 2016)

Hooray!!  My son who is now 7 years old LOVED his gymnastics class today at New World Montessori and was especially pleased that coach Holly remembered him from Basketball back when he was 4 years old! Thanks for answering my questions & for running such a great program.

Sincerely,  Allison
January 14, 2016