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Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

This Jazz & Hip Hop combo class takes introductory strengths from both dance art forms to keep your child active, learning, and most importantly HAVING TONS OF FUN!! Dancers will develop their techniques in warming up, stretching, learning Jazz (walks, kicks, turns, leaps, etc.) and Hip Hop (jumping, clapping, turning and performing to popular moves), while developing their performance techniques.  They will also get the chance to groove to their favorite artists as they learn Jazz & Hip Hop movements that build up coordination and rhythm, all while getting an excellent workout!  Stories and activities are used to keep the children engaged. The students will learn at least one choreographed Jazz and Hip Hop routine.  The skills and dance routines taught will vary depending on the age and skill level of the group. Min/Max:  6/10 per class*

Students will have TONS OF FUN while learning FUNdamental sports, movement and coordination skills, learning to play a variety of sports which can include T-Ball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Kickball,  as well as others that the kids would enjoy learning.  They will be taught to warm-up and stretch at the beginning of each class.  Classes are FUN and SKILL DEVELOPMENT ORIENTED, not competitive.