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Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

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Students will have Tons of Fun learning basic ballet and hip hop technique in a fun manner. Students will learn the five positions of the feet, positions of the arms, and basic ballet terms and movements such as plie, tendu, releve, etc.  They will also learn stretches necessary to build dance poise and flexibility. Students will move across the floor and learn routines in center floor to incorporate their movements with music. At this level, stories and activities are used to keep children focused and having fun while learning.  Children will put on a performance at the end of the session to demonstrate what they have learned. Min/Max: 6/10

Students will have a Lot of FUN as they develop/enhance their loco-motor skills, manipulative movements and strength with instruction that includes rolls, cartwheels, jumping off of a Springboard, strength using Bars, balance using a Balance Beam and  body awareness.  Your Child will develop his/her coordination skills, confidence, strength, flexibility, discipline, goal orientation, organization and creativity.  These will serve as “stepping stones” as they progress into more advanced Gymnastics and/or other Sports.  Skills taught will be based on the level of the group as each individual.  Min/Max:  6/10

Children will have A LOT OF FUN learning creative building skills and to follow basic plans as they are introduced to basic Math and Engineering concepts using building toys such as Lego, Lincoln Logs, etc.  They will learn to drive a remote control motorized car and learn what Engineering concepts were applied to make this vehicle function (e.g., round wheels, motors, gears, batteries, remote control, etc.  This Class will help them to develop their critical thinking skills and problem solving skills; and they will have FUN and a great learning experience.   Min/Max: 6/10

Students will have TONS OF FUN while learning FUNdamental sports, movement and coordination skills, learning to play a variety of sports which can include T-Ball, Basketball, Soccer,  Kickball,  as well as others that the kids would enjoy learning.  They will be taught to warm-up and stretch at the beginning of each class.  Classes are FUN and SKILL DEVELOPMENT ORIENTED, not competitive. Min/ Max 6/10

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