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Dockweiler Youth Center-Camps

Dockweiler Youth Center-Classes

20th Anniversary
The Premier Funtastic Fitness and Skill Development Program for Preschool Children. CLICK HERE or the Star above to learn more about our Fabulously Fun and  Educational  Programs.
Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

CHESS (4th-6th)
Learning and playing Chess will seem like fun and games to your children, but as they learn this game played by Kings, they will learn to focus and increase their concentration, build their memory and sequencing skills and enhance their problem solving skills; all are keys to their future academic success.  During this session, the Students will learn the FUNdamentals of Chess including some basic strategies. For "Advanced Beginners" and "Intermediates", more rules and additional strategies will be taught, depending on the age and skill level of the group . Min/Max:  6/12

GUITAR (2nd-6th)
Students will have a lot of Fun in this small group  learning Guitar and to play songs.  The classes will include learning Guitar chords and some beginning songs, rhythm and percussion activities, an introduction to reading music, and basic music theory.  The skills taught will be based on the level of the individual and group.  Min/Max:  4/5 per class.