Why Would You Want To Enroll Your Child in our 5 Star Enrichment Programs?
Why Parents Enroll  Their Children in our Programs

Why Parents Enroll Their Children in our Programs

We teach over 2000 Students in about 30 Schools, Parks and Clubs throughout Los Angeles County.  Click Here to view Class Descriptions of the over 40 different types of 5 Star Sports and other 5 Star Enrichment Classes that we teach.
We teach P.E. during the School Day and we offer a wide range of Sports Classes through our After-School Enrichment Programs that will help your child to learn FUNdamental Sports Skills with some limited competition that will help them to get prepared to participate in competitive sports such as with the FIYA League that WISH Charter Students are now participating in.  New Programs like our Dynamic Sports, Games and Conditioning Classes will help Students to develop their Speed, Agility, Stamina and Sports Skills.  We look forward to working with your Children to develop these skills in K/TK through 5th Grade so that they can enhance their Skills and Self-Confidence with respect to Sports and so that they can be as competitive as possible when participating in Sports Leagues like the FIYA League.
Our other Enrichment Classes also help Parents
to achieve a few Goals for their Children:

 1.      Students who participate in a wide range of Enrichment Programs including Sports, Fitness, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Semi-Academic and other Programs during their Preschool, Elementary and Middle School Years have the opportunity to learn what they enjoy and may find the activities that they are passionate about.
2.   Our Classes help to provide a well-rounded education for your Child.
3.  Our Classes are designed to be Skill Development oriented and FUN.
4.  Because our Classes are taught on your School's Campus, it is a great convenience for Parents since they are offered after the school day is over and/or during the school day.