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Program Descriptions

Program Descriptions


1.  Carpooling is the responsibility of the parents to and from locations outside of the WISH CHARTER campus.  Transportation will NOT be provided.
2.  The schedule for FIYA League games, tournaments and competitions will be finalized in December 2014/January 2015.

D1 girls and D1 boys will be for 7th grade and below. D2 girls and D2 boys will be for 4-6th grade. 

*If there are not enough girls enrolled to fill a team, then girls are permitted to play on the boys team. 

Each team will practice 2 days a week starting the first week of March. Games will generally be once a week starting the end of March. Season will run through May. 

Coaches will determine which team players will be on based on the athletes' age and ability and what the coaches feel is most appropriate for each athlete and team. No cuts will be made. 

D1 boys Head Coach: Al Hernandez

Track and Field:
Open to all students 3rd-7th grade. Practices will be every Wednesday and Friday starting the first week of March. 

Track meets will be on Saturdays, starting at 9am. Dates to be determined. Expect there to be 3 track meets for the season, with the last meet in May. 

There will be running events as well as field events. Students will be broken up into divisions for the competition as follows: D1: 7th grade; D2: 5-6th grade; D3: 3rd-4th grade. 

Head Coach: Simo Tagoi

Open to 5-7th graders. Please note that not all students who register will be guaranteed a spot on the team. There will be interviews conducted with each applicant to ensure the appropriateness for the student to participate. Archery will be taken seriously with a no tolerance policy for behavior. Only serious applicants should apply. 

Practices and meets will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting the first week of March. Thursday, March 19, will be the opening match. Season will end in May. 

Head Coach: Danielle Busse

Open to all students 4-7th grade. Practices will be Wednesday and Fridays from 3:15-4:30. First practice will be Wednesday, February 18, followed by the mandatory parent meeting. 

At least one competition is scheduled for April 25th. Dancers will also perform for WISH assemblies and sporting events. Season will end in May. 

Head Coach: Sarah Thomas

(Boys Teams and Girls Teams)
1. Open to all 4th-7th grade students.  Tryouts will be held to determine D1 (7th grade and under) and D2 (6th grade and under teams)
2.  Generally, there will be one game per week, starting in January 2015. (Schedule to be announced in December).  
3.  Practices will be held at WISH Charter starting the week of December 1, 2014 (Days and Times to be announced).
4.  There will be 2 practices per week. If a game falls on a practice day, there will be NO practice that day and there will be only one practice that week, unless otherwise determined by the coaches and discussed with the parents prior to this.  
5.  Uniforms will be provided, which will include a Tank top jersey with numbers and WISH navy shorts with the Owl logo.
6.  All league Fees are included in the Players' participation fees.
7.  Coaches/Asst Coaches include:
       BOYS TEAMS: Sean-Claud Terrell, Kenneth Bell, Lance Bell
       GIRLS TEAMS: Orlando Bishop, LaMont Hendrix, Harlan Hodges
1. Open to all 3rd-7th grade students. Each student will participate against other students in their division (D1-7th & 8th grade; D2- 5th & 6th grade; D3- 3rd & 4th grade)
2. There will be one Tournament for the athletes to participate in at the end of the season. Dates and Times will be scheduled and announced.
3. There will be one practice per week at the Westchester Golf Course starting in January 2015, for approx. 6 weeks leading up to the tournament. Dates and Times will be scheduled and announced.
4. Registration fees for the tournament as well as practices and club rental fees at Westchester Golf Course is included in the Players' participation fees. 
5. Coach: Christian Abad

For  Enrollment/Registration Questions, 
please contact 5 Star Sports & Enrichment by Emailing CoachStu@att.net or call (818) 597-1550
Casey Wilson, 5 Star Sports Coordinator for the WISH FIYA League at:
For FIYA LEAGUE Questions, please contact:

Casey Wilson, 5 Star Sports Coordinator for the WISH FIYA League at:

Ivey Steinberg, WISH Charter Coordinator for the WISH FIYA League at:
IveyV@ca.rr.com and 310-409-5732