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20th Anniversary
The Premier Funtastic Fitness and Skill Development Program for Preschool Children. CLICK HERE or the Star above to learn more about our Fabulously Fun and  Educational  Programs.


LEGO Super Machines and Structures
Week of June 16-20, 2014
Camp 01: ages 5-7 (9 am-12 pm)
Camp 02: ages 8-13 (1 pm-4 pm)
Your Lego engineer can build amazing things with our thousands of Lego parts and specially designed projects. Our expert instructors teach campers new mechanical and architectural projects daily and inspire them to follow their own creative vision. Projects include a variety of motorized vehicles, catapults, bridges, buildings and robotic creatures!  Min/Max:  10-20
LEGO Sports & Battle Bots
Week of July 28-August 1, 2014
Camp 03: ages 5-7 (9 am-12 pm)
Camp 04: ages 8-13 (1 pm-4 pm)
It’s not just how you play the game, but also how you build it! Lego Sports & Battle Bots combines the joy and excitement of creating awesome machines with the fun and exhilaration of competition! Your engineer will build machines designed to win races, score goals, hit targets or – simply – destroy the enemy! Campers have thousands of Lego parts and the help of expert instructors to improve their machines between events. Min/Max:  10/20
LEGO Engineering Challenge
Week of August 4-8, 2014
Camp 05: ages 5-7 (9 am-12 pm)
Camp 06: ages 8-13 (1 pm-4 pm)
Is this mission impossible? Not with a class of motivated Lego engineers, thousands of Lego parts, expert instruction and some team spirit. In Lego Engineering Challenge, mission-engineers work in groups to design and create machines and structures that must rescue allies from dangerous places, recapture stolen treasure, destroy an enemy fortification or defeat an advancing army. It’s all about teamwork, solving problems and the thrill of victory.  Min/Max:  10/20