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20th Anniversary
The Premier Funtastic Fitness and Skill Development Program for Preschool Children. CLICK HERE or the Star above to learn more about our Fabulously Fun and  Educational  Programs.


FALL 2014
All of our Classes will be taught by our experienced, caring and nurturing Staff.  If you have any questions and/or suggestions for new Classes, please email CoachStu5@yahoo.com or call (818) 597-1550. 

(Multiple Classes; for Sprouts/Sprigs, Pre-K and TK)

Students will have TONS OF FUN and learn a lot in this hands-on class with live, kid-friendly animals. Each week, students handle a new animal or animals, including reptiles, furry critters, farm animals, parrots and more. In this fun and gentle learning environment, students learn about the featured animal through a variety of ways, including stories, games and/or related arts/craft projects. This session will include animals such as:
-Baby Goat
-Snakes such as Pythons
-Fancy Doves
-and many more
Min/Max:  10/20

(Multiple Classes; for Sprouts/Sprigs, Pre-K and TK)

Students  will have TONS OF FUN while learning FUNDAMENTAL SOCCER SKILLS and beginning preparation to play Recreational Soccer for Fun, Leagues, etc. Soccer skills that will be taught and reinforced include:  dribbling, passing, shooting, offense and defense.  Benefits include Developing movement skills, eye-foot coordination, enhancing self-confidence, learning teamwork, and improving concentration. The Skills taught will be based on the Level of Each Group.  Min/Max:  8/16 Students per Class

(Multiple Classes; for Sprouts/Sprigs, Pre-K and TK)

Students will have a Lot of Fun as they explore Art in many ways including:  Hands-On Art in the Styles of the Great Masters, Art through Story Telling, Art following observation of nature and objects, etc.   Students will be taught to draw and make Sculpies.  They will have the opportunity to begin learning about color, shapes and shading as well as a sense of space and balance in their designs.  Creativity will be encouraged.  And don’t be surprised if they learn a little Math and Science during this journey. 
(Multiple Classes; for Sprouts/Sprigs, Pre-K and TK)

Is your Child ready to Party while getting increasingly fit? After warming up and stretching, Students will have TONS OF FUN learning Hip Hop (with age-appropriate music).  This will be a very FUN introduction to one of today’s pop culture style of dance.  Children will learn to move to their favorite (age appropriate) songs and learn routines to music created by some favorite artists.  In this class children will not stop jumping, clapping, turning and performing some of today’s most popular moves.  Not only is this class a great workout, but it is a fun way for children to learn rhythm and coordination  Students will put on a Mini-Performance at the end of the session to show off their cool grooves.  Min/Max  8/18 Students per Class

(Multiple Classes; for Sprouts/Sprigs & Pre-K)

Students will have TONS OF FUN learn the FUNdamentals of Ballet and Gymnastics while having FUN.  For Gymnastics, we will teach/reinforce loco-motor skills and manipulative movements with instruction that includes rolls, cartwheels, basic balance and body awareness.  Through this program, Students  will get increasingly fit as they develop their coordination skills, confidence, strength, flexibility, discipline, goal orientation, organization and creativity. These will serve as “stepping stones” as they progress into more advanced gymnastics and/or other sports.  
Our little Ballerinas will focus on learning basic ballet technique in a fun manner. Students will learn the five positions of the feet, positions of the arms, and basic ballet terms and movements such as plie, tendu, releve, etc.  Students will also learn stretches necessary to build dance poise and flexibility. Students will move across the floor and learn routines in center floor to incorporate their movements with music. At this level, stories and activities are used to keep children focused and having fun while learning. 
Children will put on a Mini-Performance at the end of the session to demonstrate what the learned.
6-7 Ballet Classes; 6-7 Gymnastics Classes.
Students will warm-up and stretch at the beginning of each class.  Min/Max:  8/16 Students per Class
(Multiple Classes; for Sprouts/Sprigs, Pre-K and TK)

Students will have TONS OF FUN while learning FUNdamental sports, movement and coordination skills, learning to play a variety of sports which can include T-Ball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Kickball,  as well as others that the they will  enjoy learning. Classes are FUN and SKILL DEVELOPMENT ORIENTED, not competitive. Students will warm-up and stretch at the beginning of each class. The Skills taught will be based on the level of each group.  Min/Max  8/16 Students per Class

(Multiple Classes; for Sprouts/Sprigs, Pre-K and TK)


Enrich your Child’s life and enhance self-confidence through Music.  In this class, your Child will have a lot of FUN as he/she experiences the benefits of Music by singing along to some of his favorite and popular songs and learning new ones from Disney (including songs from Frozen), etc.  Music is a wonderful way to enhance your Child’s creativity and talents.  Students will also be introduced to a few instruments such as Guitar, Percussion and more.  Students will learn Hanukkah songs as the Holiday approaches.  Please join us for a Mini-Performance on the last day of class.   Min/Max:  6/12
(Multiple Classes: for Pre-K and TK)

Students enter a World of Science where they will have Tons of Fun as they get creative and learn through discussions and hands-on (safe) experiments.  These can include Chemistry (e.g., making “slime”, “Elephant’s Toothpaste and/or Volcanos), Physics (such as Gravity and Defying Gravity by racing cars down hills and  making paper airplanes, using Magnets, etc.), Energy/Electricity (e.g., by making cars that run on Solar Energy and learning how Circuits work) and about the Human Body (such as bones, muscles, organs and the importance of being physically fit) and more.
ALSO, Students will have a LOT OF FUN building structures with Lego, Knex and other Building Materials in some of the classes.
 Min/Max:  8/10


(Multiple Classes; for Sprouts/Sprigs, Pre-K and TK)

Culinary Kids Academy is proud to return to VBS’s ECC for another session of fun and deliciousness! Introduced to L.A. in 2000, CKA’s age appropriate curriculum weaves math, science, history, safety, hygiene and nutrition lessons into complex cooking classes. Culinary Kids Academy also uses its experiential learning techniques to focus on Judaic study with holiday themed lessons! Students are interactively involved during this fun and empowering class as they make tasty recipes, while also acquiring academic and spiritual tools that help in and out of the classroom! Give your children the self-esteem and independence building opportunity to cook REAL food and learn valuable life lessons, ALL WHILE HAVING A BLAST!  Min/Max: 10/18 Students per class