New World Montessori
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GYMNASTICS (Preschool, ages 3.5 to 4s; and Lower Elementary)

Students will have a Lot of FUN as they develop/enhance their loco-motor skills, manipulative movements and strength with instruction that includes rolls, cartwheels, jumping off of a Springboard, strength using Bars, balance using a Balance Beam and  body awareness.  Your Child will develop his/her coordination skills, confidence , strength, flexibility, discipline, goal orientation, organization and creativity.  These will serve as “stepping stones” as they progress into more advanced Gymnastics and/or other Sports.  Skills taught will be based on the level of the group as each individual.  Min/Max:  6/12

MARTIAL ARTS (Preschool, ages 3.5 to 4's and Lower Elementary)
Students will enjoy learning the FUNdamentals of Martial Arts, including stance, punches, kicks and blocks.  They will warm-up and stretch at the beginning of each class and cool down at the end of class.  Emphasis will be placed on safety, the use of their new skills for self-defense only and respect.  They will be taught NOT to hit other Students, etc. The benefits of these classes will include learning discipline and focus as well as enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem.    Min/Max:  6/12 per class.  

SOCCER (Preschool, Ages 3.5 to 4's)
Kids will have TONS OF FUN while learning FUNDAMENTAL SOCCER SKILLS and beginning preparation to play Recreational Soccer for Fun, Leagues, etc. Soccer Skills to be taught include:   dribbling, passing, shooting, offense and defense.  Benefits include developing/enhancing movement skills, eye-foot coordination, enhancing self-confidence, learning teamwork, and improving concentration. 

SPORTS MANIA (Lower Elementary)
Students will have TONS OF FUN while learning to play a variety of sports which can include Soccer, T-Ball/Baseball, Basketball, as well as others that they would enjoy learning/playing. Mini-Games will be played. The children will warm-up and stretch at the beginning of each class. Classes are FUN and SKILL DEVELOPMENT ORIENTED, not competitive.  Class activities will be based on the level of each group with possibly some competition for Lower Elementary Students at the discretion of the Instructor/Coach.   Min/Max: 6/12