In October 2012, Stretch-n-Grow celebrated its 20 Anniversary. We at Stretch-n-Grow of Los Angeles have been with Stretch-n-Grow and teaching Classes for over 20 years.
20th Anniversary
The Premier Funtastic Fitness and Skill Development Program for Preschool Children. CLICK HERE or the Star above to learn more about our Fabulously Fun and  Educational  Programs.


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Program Goals: To Get Kids Active And Having FUN While Being Inspired, Motivated, Educated and Empowered
WINTER BREAK (Dec 19-22, 2016)
Dockweiler Youth Center, Playa Del Rey
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Join Us for a Winter Wonderland and SNOW DAY
(60,000 Tons of Snow Bouncers and more)
FREE at Dockweiler Youth Center-Click Here for Info
December 17, 2016 from 11 am to 4 pm


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Get Fit and Learn Sports with a KISS: Keep It Simple Series
The first Sport in our Keep It Simple SeriesC (KISSC) will be Tennis. All of us can "Play Better Tennis in 2 Hours" by learning from the World Renowned Tennis Coach, Oscar Wegner. He can help us all "Simplify the Game and Play like THE PROS with his "Modern Tennis" Coaching series. His method of teaching Tennis began at the Lindero Country Club in November 2007. We kicked off our Modern Tennis Method with an Open House at the Lindero Country Club in Agoura Hills in November 2007. Please refer back to this website for more information about future Tennis events. For further informtion, please contact CoachStu@att.net or call him at (818) 597-1550. 

We want to help you fight and beat Childhood Obesity, Teen Obesity and Adult Obesity with FUN Enrichment Programs, Camps AND Exercise Equipment, which will help to prevent a wide range of future diseases that can include heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, etc. The statistics are clear; those who are overweight or obese have a significantly higher risk of many health problems ("risk factors"), especially as we get older. Combined with the reduced energy levels from being overweight, it only makes sense to take better care of our bodies by exercising regularly and eating healthy foods. With current technology that has produced our Video Game Bikes and programs like Cardio Tennis, we can have a lot of FUN while getting increasingly fit and healthy.

Why would you want to purchase the Cateye Video Game Bike for you and/or your child? Because it combines the FUN and EXCITEMENT of playing over 70 different video racing games with the great exercise that you get from biking. It transforms gaming into a truly interactive experience. As one 12 year old child put it, "this is more fun than just playing video games because it is more realistic". Imagine the FUN: controlling every movement on screen with your own body movement including speed, turns, steering, strategy and much more. The Cateye Game Bike turns the FUN that you get from playing video games with an exhilarating workout by eliminating boring exercise routines. What seems like 15 minutes of FUN becomes a 45 minute workout.


To teach children healthy lifestyles and skills while having

To assist parents with Raising Healthy Children

To promote fitness in the communities that we serve.

Childhood obesity, as well as adult obesity has reached epidemic
proportions in the United States. One way to resolve this problem, is to help
overweight children and obese children "fight fat with FUN". For example, you
can help to fight Childhood Obesity with FUN Exercise Equipment, including the
Cateye Video Game Bike!